Uh… So yeah! Welcome!


I guess I should tell you a bit about myself…
I love long walks on the beach in the moonlight and candle-lit dinners.


No really though, I’m Finn Amore and it’s swell to meet you!
I like to make things, hang with friends, and occasionally do lewd stuff.
At least I’m honest? 🀣

The truth is that a lot of people met me as Rider, a person with exceptionally high standards, who could be relied upon for top quality products and content.

They are all pretty great people, and I think it’s awesome that they are my fiends, family, and clientele. I didn’t change my name because I didn’t like any of them, I changed my username because I decided to turn over a new leaf for myself.

I wanted to have more fun, work less, and just be taken a whole lot less seriously! I wanted to be Finn Amore! 🀣

I mean how can you not like someone named Finn Amore!?
I’m like a walking smile generator!

Or so I’d like to think xD

You actually want to know about me.

Uh… Well I’m just a suuuuuuper gay dog on the internet, so there’s that!


I mean life is pretty good, but it wasn’t always that way.

When I was young there was a lot of strife in my family. All three of my older siblings left home long before I ever did. My sister left when I was just eight in fact, and that meant my two older brothers had each other for some semblance of company. They both played sports like baseball, and that meant I was alone most of the time but I didn’t mind that too much… but even that wasn’t very long lived.

Unbeknownst to my family, we moved around at a few important times in my life, like leaving middle school to go into high school. So that meant I never knew anyone at really important times in my life when it really mattered. As I’m sure you can already imagine, this meant that I made for easy pickings as far as bullying goes. But I had one secret weapon… I was already used to being alone and being a super quiet person.

Although this didn’t help my social life, it didn’t change me as a person. It game me even more time to enjoy music which I still very much love, as well as enjoying reading and writing stories!

Later I’d go off to college & uni, first for a fascination with psychology, then later for music composition and fashion design,

In the meantime I worked at Disneyland, grooming dogs, a a movie theater, a security company, a small party company, and even professionally hosted events!

That doesn’t even cover my romantic life.


Okay, well let’s be honest… It hasn’t been pretty. 🀣

I’ve been engaged to (what turned out to be) a pedophile, I’ve fallen for a habitual liar, and I’ve given people more chances than anyone can shake a stick at. It’s kinda sucked for the most part, really. πŸ˜₯

I’ve fallen for some pretty terrible people, and things with them went pretty terribly, but I like to imagine it’s like a learning curve! As long as we don’t keep making the same mistakes, then something good has come out of it!

I’ve trusted people who didn’t deserve that trust.
I’ve loved people who didn’t deserve that love.
And I thank everyone for everything along the way!

That’s right!
Things COULD be worse!
And it’s pretty great that I’m alive!

So uh… Yeah! I guess that’s the gist of it!
Hope that answers all your questions!


If not, uh… Ask I guess? :3 See ya!

What’s that?

You still want to know even more?

What, do you want my f-list or something?

Seriously? :/

You REALLY want to play with my junk?

Fine then! Read about my lewds.


But enter at your own risk!